The Future Plans for Bumbleweed

Creating a computer game is a lengthy process and can be very challenging. Not just the technical challenges it can present but also in getting the balance of art and game play just right so that its enjoyable.

Currently the game is in development and we will release more information about it as and when it becomes available. Currently the game is set in a small section of the universe giving such a tiny snapshot of that world, but there is scope to expand on it in the future. The long and the short of it is that Bumbleweed could become something quite grand in scale, but we have to keep it realistic and achievable for now.


Console Version?

We are planning to release Bumbleweed via the Steam store for PC. However, we will be creating the game with Xbox in mind as the first console for it to be released on. We would love to release it on other systems, but that will depend on the demand for the game. If we succeed in the way we plan to then it will happen, probably with a port to Nintendo Switch first and other systems to follow after that.


Can You Support the Game?

Of course you can. By spreading the word and following our social media pages you help us grow and let others know about the project. Bumbleweed is Aykrins first real project and a chance to test our metal in the Independent game arena. Help us spread the word and you’ll be enabling us to continue to make updates to Bumbleweed as well as develop other titles we want to make.

We don’t have any Kickstarter plans for this project, and probably never will. That being said we are thinking about starting a Patreon. We have no details about this at present, but if you want to get updates and learn more information the head across to the Newsletter Sign-up page for Bumbleweed and… well… sign-up to the newsletter. You’ll get the updates straight to your mail box as soon as we post them.