Aykrin Games was created in 2018 as a sub-component of Gydran Studio to facilitate learning 3D and game design skills in order to create computer games in a targeted and structured manner, while still maintaining the day to day running of Gydran Studio. Aykrin takes its name from the world that he first game idea was based in and as a reminder that it is the aim to develop that game at some point in the future.

Since the start of Aykrin a lot has changed and the first title is now truly underway. Bumbleweed (a working title) will be created predominantly with PC and Xbox in mind, though this may change over time depending on requirements. It is hoped that this title will be the first created from a list of games that are in the wings waiting to have their day in the silicone limelight, but for now Aykrin is solely focused on the development of the Bumbleweed project.